The Rebel Blue Ranch Series

She’s off-limits, but he’s never been good at following the rules.

For the first time in her life, Clementine “Emmy” Ryder has no idea what she’s doing. She’s accomplished everything on her to-do list. She left her small hometown of Meadowlark, Wyoming; went to college; and made a career for herself by doing her favorite thing: riding horses. But after an accident makes it impossible for her to get back into the saddle, she has no choice but to return to the hometown she always wanted to escape.

Luke Brooks is Meadowlark’s most notorious bad boy, bar owner, and bachelor. He’s also the unofficial fifth member of the Ryder family. As Emmy’s older brother’s best friend, Luke spent most of his childhood antagonizing her. It’s been years since he’s seen her, but when she walks into his bar and back into his life, he can’t take his eyes off her. Despite his better judgment, he wants to do a whole lot more than just look at her.

Emmy’s got too much on her mind to think about romance. And Luke knows he should stay away from his best friend’s younger sister. But what if Luke is just what Emmy needs to get her spark back? Or will they both go up in flames?

Done and Dusted

book 1 in the rebel blue ranch series

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She’s the city girl who refuses to be saddled with a man. He’s the cowboy who wants her anyway.

The last thing Ada Hart needs is a man to take care of her. Not anymore. After failing out of her interior design program and the disaster that was her short-lived marriage, Ada clawed her way up from her rock bottom. Now, the only person she trusts is herself, and that has gotten her further than ever before. She has her own business, and one of the largest ranches in Wyoming just hired her for the most important project of her career.

When Ada arrives in Meadowlark, she finds herself in a dive bar where she can’t seem to shake the eyes of a handsome cowboy. When she leads him to the back of the bar, he leaves her with a kiss that most people can only fantasize about. She almost regrets that she’ll never see him again . . . except it turns out he’s her new boss.

Weston Ryder is a happy guy. Even happier now that the mystery woman from the bar is the interior designer for his dream project on his family’s ranch. He feels like he hit the jackpot. It’s too bad she wants absolutely nothing to do with him outside of work. Ada is convinced the pull she feels toward Wes will go away, but Wes can’t stop thinking about her. Even though walls are coming down around Rebel Blue, Ada’s walls are firmly in place.

Can they make it through this project without giving in? Or will they both put their dreams on the line for a chance at love?

Swift and Saddled

book 2 in the rebel blue ranch series

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She thrives in chaos. He prefers routine. The only thing they have in common? How much they hate each other.

Teddy Andersen doesn’t have a plan. She’s never needed one before. She’s always been more of a go with the flow type of girl, but for some reason, the flow doesn’t seem to be going her way this time.

Her favorite vintage suede jacket has a hole in it, her sewing machine is broken, and her best friend just got engaged. Suddenly, everything feels like it’s starting to change. Teddy’s used to being a leader, but now she feels like she’s getting left behind, wondering if life in the small town she loves is enough for her anymore.

Gus Ryder has a lot on his plate. He doesn’t know what’s harder: taking care of his family’s 8,000 acre ranch, or parenting his spunky six-year-old daughter, who is staying with him for the summer. Gus has always been the dependable one, but when his workload starts to overwhelm him, he has to admit that he can’t manage everything on his own. He needs help.

His little sister’s best friend, the woman he can’t stand, is not who he had in mind. But when no one else can step in, Teddy’s the only option he’s got. Teddy decides to use the summer to try and figure out what she wants out of life. Gus, on the other hand, starts to worry that he’ll never find what he needs.

Tempers flare, tension builds, and for the first time ever, Gus and Teddy start to see each other in a different light. As new feelings start to simmer below the surface, they must decide whether or not to act on them. Can they keep things cool? Or will both of them get burned?

Lost and Lassoed

book 3 in the rebel blue ranch series

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She’s the one that got away. He’s the one that never let her go. 

Camille Ashwood had always loved a plan. Her latest one was her best one yet. She was going to get married so she could secure her daughter’s future, get her overbearing parents off her back, and finally start building her own life in small town Meadowlark, Wyoming. Easy, right? 

But when her groom doesn’t show up to the wedding, Cam’s life is turned upside down–she doesn’t even have a place to live. That is, until she finds out the house she’s loved since high school is available to rent. There’s only one problem: the neighbor. 

Dusty Tucker has spent nearly all of his adult life running. Running from what, though? More like who: Cam Ashwood. But ever since he returned home last year, the girl who was his first, well, everything has become a woman seemingly determined to keep him at arm’s length. And he was okay with that–at least, that’s what he kept telling himself. She was getting married, after all. But now she’s single and living next door. Dusty wants to show her that they can be friends, and that he can stay put. 

Despite her best attempts to stay far away from Dusty Tucker, Cam realizes that being close to him is like slipping on her favorite jeans. Easy. Comfortable. That is until past wounds start to open and feelings–both old and new–wreak havoc. Over a decade after they first met, Dusty and Cam begin to wonder if their first love can also be their last. And this time, will it be forever?

Wild and Wrangled

book 4 in the rebel blue ranch series

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Swift and Saddled Trigger Warnings

Done and Dusted Trigger Warnings

Lost & Lassoed Trigger Warnings

Lost & Lassoed Trigger Warnings

Swift and Saddled Trigger Warnings

This book is intended for adult readers (18+). Done and Dusted contains explicit language and explicit, on-page sexual content. Additional content and trigger warnings: Anxiety, trauma after an injury, alcohol consumption, discussions about ADHD , reference to drugs, references to an ex with potentially controlling behavior, death of a parent (past, off-page), panic attacks (one on page), references to toxic childhood environment, references to toxic parental relationships

Lost & Lassoed Trigger Warnings

Done and Dusted Trigger Warnings

This book is intended for adult readers (18+). Swift and Saddled contains explicit language and explicit, on-page sexual content. Additional content and trigger warnings: Major Depressive Disorder, discussions about depression, references to an emotionally abusive relationship, divorce, low self-esteem, alcohol consumption, death of a parent (past, off-page)

Swift and Saddled Trigger Warnings

Done and Dusted Trigger Warnings

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“Tender, relatable, and brimming with delicious tension.”

- Elsie Silver

USA Today Bestselling Author

“Tender, swoon-worthy, and achingly romantic.”

- BK Borison

author of Lovelight Farms

"Sunshine in written form."

- Lana Ferguson

usa today bestselling author

“Lyla Sage has crafted something truly beautiful in the Rebel Blue Ranch series. Deeply sweet, charmingly funny, and the perfect amount of sexy.”

- TarahDeWitt

author of savor it